BDO predicts tax reform and accounting changes will be on agenda at shareholder meetings

By Michael Cohn Tax reform, non-GAAP metrics and sustainability reporting are expected to be among the top shareholder concerns this spring at corporations’ annual general meetings, according to BDO USA. BDO's 2019 Shareholder Meeting Agenda predicts that leadership diversity will dominate agendas, along with questions about data protection, cybersecurity, digital transformation, the #MeToo movement, executive compensation, human capital and talent recruitment, geopolitical a

Like ‘1986 on steroids’ : Preparing for a once-in-a-generation tax season.

By Roger Russel The tax season just ahead will be “1986 on steroids,” said Beanna Whitlock, a Canyon Lake, Texas-based tax professional and former director of IRS National Public Liaison. “Get some rest, and get ready for new clients!” Allan Boress, a central Florida-based CPA, said that in addition to dealing with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, now is the time to address security matters. “What we’re doing this year to get ready for tax season is a complete reinvention of our se